Club Opening with COVID-19 Guidelines

Sundance Tennis and Swim Club has been OPENING May 23, 2020.


Dear Sundance Members and Guests,

As we re-open the Sundance Club (the Club) amid the COVID-19 pandemic we need your assistance in reducing the potential introduction and spread of the virus in our facility.  The Club has taken steps to reduce the transmission of the virus, but we need you to follow the below guidelines and practices to achieve a higher level of safety for all.  Below are some guidelines and practices that we ask you to accept and follow when you visit the club.  Additional guidelines and practices may be added (as needed) to reduce virus transmission risk and will be posted at the office.


  • I confirm that I do not have any symptoms of, nor have I been knowingly exposed to COVID-19 in the past 14 days. If the above status changes, I agree not to visit the Club.
  • I agree to keep at least 6 feet between myself and other non-family and/or non-household individuals while at the Club.
  • Although face masks are not required, they are highly recommended in areas of the Club where social distancing cannot be reasonably maintained.
  • I agree to sanitize (with sanitizer or by washing) my hands upon entrance to the Club and re-sanitize when warranted while at the Club.
  • I agree to follow all health safety instructions, including limiting the number of users in an area, that are given by Club employees. I agree they have the final word on virus safety matters.  Otherwise, I must leave the premises when asked.
  • Upon arrival at the Club, I agree to read and follow any additional posted practices and restrictions.
  • I understand that during busy hours, the number of facility users may be restricted and that I may be asked to wait until someone leaves. I understand that during these busy periods, I may be asked to limit my visit to an hour or other similar specified period of time so that others who be waiting to enter can enjoy the facilities.